Monday, January 10, 2011

Perspective is everything!

This post was written during the trip to Canada to start Christmas break.  I just now got around to editing and posting it.  Enjoy!


Well, it's the end of another semester. It's amazing how they have their own way of coming to a close. You're preoccupied with an ever-growing crescendo of homework assignments and tests to study for, and it seems like the work will never end But before you know it, you're waiting for final grades to get posted, and are in amazement that you have finished off yet another four months of school

This particular night, I'm driving up to North Virginia to fly out of Reagan for Christmas in Canada. It's the conclusion of a long day of driving from my aunt's house in Nashville, and for the last stretch I decide to fire up some Eagles on the Ipod. As I have mentioned before in this blog, the Eagles are my perfect road trip band. They have this indescribable way of capturing classic Americana through their tight harmonies, classic instrumentation, and unique blend of country and rock elements. As I drive through the moonlit, snow-covered countryside, I reflect on the past semester. This drive is as good a time as any to step back and take stock of how things are going away from the constant din of classes and homework assignments.

It's been a interesting semester. Starting even before the beginning of the semester with my dads final health decline, to his passing on September 11th and the funeral services, this semester has been about much more than just academic assignment. I don't think there is a way to really process mentally the loss of a family member that close to you, one you respect deeply and see in him a reflection of yourself on a deep level.

As I am zooming along the snowy countryside, thinking about the past months, I realize that in spite of the challenges I have faced, this semester is the moment that my faith has been preparing for all my life. What is the purpose of my belief in Christ if it is only for the sunny days, the green pastures of life, and not for the times when we must go through the valley of the shadow of death with someone we love? When life doesn't make sense, Christ offers us the chance to step out of our own minds and intellects, and view things from His perspective. You know, if we look at something as basic as how we are supposed to pray, we see this change of perspective illustrated. This is what the Lord's Prayer is all about. Recall the words:

Our Father which art in Heaven,
Hallowed be THY name.
THY kingdom come.
THY will be done on earth
as it is in heaven

Yes, there is the petition for daily bread, forgiveness, and deliverance from temptation. But then Christ brings the focus back to Himself with the closing lines,

for THINE is the kingdom,
and the honor,
and the glory,
for now and forever,

Life has its moments. Not only the happy moments when you have the world by the tail. Also moments when it just doesn't compute, when you are wondering how you should even feel. Through the times I have felt this way in the past few months, it is a blessing to be able to rely on God and His infinite perspective to give guidance and comfort in my life.

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  1. I love how you've taken the time to reflect. It's really hard to do that sometimes when we're so consumed with the daily grind of life.

    I think it's crucial that we build in times to step back and get a different perspective on the events of our lives. Drives across the snowy countryside are perfect for that. You now need to make sure that you purposefully schedule those times. Mike and I attempt to "get-away" once a quarter. It makes all the difference in how you grow and how you change.

    You are correct that our faith in Christ has to be relevant in all our experiences in life—good and bad. It's easy to believe in him (though also easy to forget him) when all is well. When we go through really tough, confusing and painful times, we get to see what kind of faith we really have. And see if we need make some changes.

    He doesn't change. He doesn't go away, but sometimes we do.

    (By the way, we LOVED having you come visit!! ... And we have a jacket here that probably needs to find it's owner ...)