Friday, August 20, 2010

Jumping the gun has advantages!

Just finished my first day of work, it feels great to get back into the old rhythms.  I had some concerns that I might not get my old job back, but I was able to make my class schedule work very well with the new work schedule.

We have had the labs operational for the past year of the two total that I have worked in this job.  It is a great feeling to get to work before school starts, and have a few days to set up some protocol to avoid the problems we have had in the past.

I've made a couple trips with friends to a local lake, and tonight I enjoyed a great dinner downtown with a friend.  Starting my third year here is great not only for the job situation but also for my friendships - two years is a long time.  I really am starting to feel like I am growing roots at this school.

Here's a link to my continuing picture album for this fall:

Well, sorry I don't have anything inspirational tonight.  I will try to not let this blog lapse into a daily diary.  Tomorrow brings the weekend and I should have some good time to relax, think, and write.

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  1. even your daily comments would have a delight to hear what's on your mind!